Physical Therapy in Huntington Beach CA

Physical Therapy in Huntington Beach CA

Physical Therapy in Huntington Beach CA

We help maximize quality of life and movement with in-home physical therapy in Huntington Beach CA

When a patient is suffering from such severe mobility issues that they can’t get around on their own, improvement can seem difficult to achieve. After all, visiting a hospital or clinic may be extremely tiring for the patient and inconvenient for their caregivers.

Fortunately, Acacia Home Health Services brings physical therapy in Huntington Beach CA right to the patient. We have caring and dedicated therapists who enjoy making home visits and know how to motivate patients to excel at their therapy and improve their quality of life.

Core Program Components

The core components of our physical therapy in Huntington Beach CA are:

  • Treatment for balance problems that can lead to fall risks
  • Exercises to improve movement and locomotion
  • Home exercise program
  • Pain management exercises
  • Instruction on Activities of Daily Living such as walking, bathing, dressing, eating, self-control, mobility, toileting
  • Safe use of walker, cane, or other medical equipment
  • Hot and cold massage therapies

Customizable Programs to Meet Individual Patient Needs

Physical therapy is a very unique service that must be customized to the needs of each patient. At Acacia Home Health Services, we always treat patients as individuals, tailoring our programs to their specific needs. In collaboration with the doctors on the case, we will design a program with components to address goals like:

Rehabilitation: Physical therapy in Huntington Beach CA is often needed for recovery after a stroke, a prolonged illness, or a major surgery. Our therapists provide detailed instruction for exercises to improve locomotion and mobility, as well as advice for how to safely manage tasks like bathing, toileting, and dressing during recovery.

Fall Prevention: With the right physical therapy exercises, patients can preserve or increase the strength, flexibility, balance, and mobility they do have. This type of physical therapy in Huntington Beach CA helps prevent accidents and falls and preserve independence.

Pain Management: When appropriate exercises are done consistently and correctly, patients can reduce or relieve certain types of pain. This in turn helps promote better mobility and better quality of life.

We Are a 4.5 Star Quality Rated Home Therapy Service has given Acacia Home Health Services a near-perfect 4.5 star rating for our ability to deliver quality home care that helps patients manage pain, improve mobility, and generally become more independent. Our quality physical therapy services are a key part of the reason we are able to consistently achieve these good outcomes.

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