Home Health Care in Fountain Valley CA

Home Health Care in Fountain Valley CA

Home Health Care in Fountain Valley CA

Acacia Home Health Services provides comfort, assurance, and comprehensive home health care in Fountain Valley CA

Most people would prefer to keep their ill loved ones at home rather than in an institution. But they may not have the time, skills, or physical strength to provide the necessary care on their own. The good news is, Acacia Home Health Services provides relief to overburdened caregivers with professional home health care in Fountain Valley CA.

Our services can be customized to the specific needs and goals of each patient. Whether the goal is recovery from surgery, injury, or illness, or managing serious conditions like COPD, heart disease, or diabetes, we can provide the necessary care and help the patient achieve the best possible quality of life.

Our Home Health Care Team Meets All Needs

Anyone requiring therapeutic, short term or long term home health care in Fountain Valley CA can trust Acacia Home Health Services to meet their needs, because we have highly skilled and trained personnel for every need or condition.

All of our health care professionals work together as a team under the guidance of your doctor, sharing information as appropriate to provide the best possible care.

We can provide care from:

Skilled Nurses: Patients are in excellent hands with our registered and licensed vocational nurses on the case. Our nurses can not only provide hands-on services such as wound care or injections, but also assist with overall medical case management, evaluating the effectiveness of medications and monitoring key health indicators such as blood pressure, glucose, and cognitive changes.

Certified Home Health Aides: When patients cannot bathe, dress, or groom themselves, our Certified Home Health Aides take over. You can count on our home aides to be friendly, respectful, compassionate, and caring in every situation.

Physical Therapists: Whether there has a been a specific injury or the patient simply wants to address balance and mobility issues to prevent falls and maintain their independence, our qualified physical therapists can help. Having this service as part of your home health care in Fountain Valley CA makes it easier for patients to receive consistent therapy even if they lack reliable transportation.

Occupational Therapists: When patients have trouble returning to their usual activities after illness, surgery, or injury, our occupational therapists come to the rescue with personalized exercise programs designed to restore dexterity and enable self-care.

Dieticians: Eating right is often key to improving or maintaining health. Our registered dieticians work under the supervision of the nurses to assess patients’ diets and provide recommendations for improvement. We specialize in nutritional guidance for conditions such as diabetes and heart disease.

Social Workers: Counseling from a social worker can be helpful not only for the patient, but also for their family. As part of our home health care in Fountain Valley CA we can provide this counseling to help identify social, emotional, and financial concerns and direct family members to available local resources.

Get Top-Rated Home Health Care in Fountain Valley CA Today

Acacia Home Health Services is a fully licensed and accredited provider of home health care in Fountain Valley CA that has been awarded a 4.5 star quality rating by Medicare.gov. You can certainly trust us to care for your loved one with skill and compassion. Call us at 818-241-2200 now to learn more about our services.