Hospice Services

Hospice Services

Hospice Services

Medical Director:

  • Co-certify the terminal prognosis with attending physician
  • Lead the interdisciplinary team in development of care plan
  • Provide consultation to other physicians regarding hospice care

Attending Physician:

  • Certify the terminal prognosis with Medical Director
  • Assess patient needs, manage symptoms, prescribe treatment
  • Direct and approve care plan
  • Coordinate care with the interdisciplinary team

Social Worker:

  • Assess emotional, social, spiritual and financial needs of patient and family
  • Develop plan of care to meet identified needs
  • Provide direct counseling or refer patient and family to appropriate community agencies
  • Provide bereavement support

Spiritual Coordinator:

  • Asses spiritual needs of patient and family
  • Develop care plan to meet identified needs
  • Assist with memorial preparation
  • Provide consultation to community clergy
  • Provide spiritual counseling


  • Develop care plan to meet survivor needs for up to 13 months after patient’s death
  • Develop memorial services
  • Maintain verbal and written communication with family and friends
  • Provide grief counseling and healing resources


  • Provide companionship and support to patient and family
  • Provide needed non-medical services and respite time for caregivers and family
  • Provide emotional support to family and friends at time of death and during bereavement

Hospice Aide:

  • Provide direct personal care to patient
  • Provide comfort measures
  • Report identified needs to RN case managers

Registered Nursing:

  • Assess patient and family needs
  • Develop care plan to meet identified needs
  • Coordinate team visits and ensure implementation of approved care plan