Hospice Care in Anaheim CA

Hospice Care in Anaheim CA

Hospice Care in Anaheim CA

Give your terminally ill loved one the best possible comfort and quality of life with hospice care in Anaheim CA

Do you have a loved one who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, or whose overall health has declined to the point where they are unable to care for themselves? They may need to receive hospice care in Anaheim CA.

Far from being an admission that death is the only thing the patient has to look forward to, hospice care is actually focused on making each day the patient has left as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. This is accomplished through palliative measures and through simple human comfort and companionship. Patients will actually see the biggest benefits for their quality of life when hospice care in Anaheim CA is started early.

Why Choose Acacia for Your Loved One

At Acacia, we are a licensed care provider dedicated to delivering superior quality individualized comfort care to hospice patients. Through a collaborative effort between the patient’s doctor, our Medical Director, and our skilled staff, we are able to offer a variety of services to cover the needs of hospice patients:

  • Continuous care in the home
  • Assistance with daily needs such as bathing, toileting, dressing, etc.
  • Skilled nursing with 24 hour on-call service
  • Pain and symptom management
  • Home care and homemaker services
  • Dietary and nutritional counseling
  • Physical, occupational and speech therapy
  • Spiritual support and counseling
  • All palliative medications, comfort accessories and equipment needed by the patient
  • Visits from trained volunteers for companionship and support

Our experienced staff can be depended upon to identify changes in the patient’s condition that indicate a need for immediate hospitalization and/or temporary in-patient care and quickly get the patient the care they need.

Benefits for Families

In addition to meeting the needs of the patient, Acacia also offers many services to help support the family, including bereavement support, grief counseling, and assistance with planning of memorial services. Many of these services are provided by volunteers who have also lost loved ones and understand exactly what the family is going through.

Now You May Wonder…

…Can My Family Afford Hospice Care in Anaheim CA?

Almost certainly, yes. Acacia is an approved provider of hospice care in Anaheim CA for Medicare and Medicaid. We also accept private insurance. Veterans can even use their VA benefits to cover our services. Regardless of what time of insurance is used, we can bill the provider directly so that the family is spared the hassle of dealing with bills and insurance submissions.

Ready to Learn More about Hospice Care in Anaheim CA?

The decision to get hospice care in Anaheim CA for a loved one can be difficult, since it does involve giving up on the hope of further curative care. If you would like more information about the types of care we can provide to your loved one, please contact us at 818-241-2200.