Acacia Health in Garden Grove CA

Acacia Health in Garden Grove CA

Acacia Health in Garden Grove CA

Looking for a trusted partner to care for your loved one in their own home? Trust Acacia Health in Garden Grove CA.

Acacia Health in Garden Grove CADo you have a loved one in need of temporary or permanent nursing care? Do you want to spare them the stress of moving into facility?

The solution you’re looking for is:

Partner with Acacia Health in Garden Grove CA

At Acacia Health, we provide exceptional home health care services to give patients and their families the utmost confidence in the quality of their care. As a 4.5 star quality rated provider, we have’s seal of approval backing our ability to provide timely and beneficial care.

We Work With You to Meet Changing Needs

Acacia Health in Garden Grove CA offers flexible home care and hospice services that can be tailored to each individual patient’s changing healthcare needs. For example, a patient with age-related mobility issues might only need home care assistance at first, but should their health worsen they may need palliative care or even hospice care. Working with one single company for all necessary services means better continuity of care and a better experience for patients.

We can provide:

Skilled Nursing: We have an excellent staff of registered and licensed vocational nurses who can oversee patient care in the home. Under the doctor’s direction, the nurses can provide necessary medications and services such as wound care and catheter care, as well as monitor the patient’s overall health and communicate any changes to the doctor.

Home Care: Whether the patient is temporarily unable to attend to their own daily needs due to an injury or surgery, or needs long term assistance due to a permanent condition, we can help. We will send Certified Home Health Aides to assist with bathing, grooming, dressing, toileting, and more.

Physical Therapy: Our expert physical therapists can help patients improve or maintain their mobility and dexterity so that they can feel more independent and enjoy a better quality of life. Physical therapy can also be helpful for reducing certain types of pain.

Palliative Care: Contrary to popular belief, palliative care isn’t just for the terminally ill. Anyone who is struggling with a life-threatening condition can benefit contacting Acacia Health in Garden Grove CA for palliative care at any stage of their illness. Working closely with the patient’s doctor, we will help design and implement a plan to help reduce pain and control unpleasant symptoms such as fatigue, nausea, breathing trouble, and depression. Our services are often used by individuals who are undergoing chemotherapy or suffering from congestive heart failure, COPD, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and other serious conditions.

Hospice Care: As a licensed hospice care provider, Acacia Health offers all the services needed to keep your loved one comfortable at the end of their life. This includes continuous care in the home plus 24-hour on call nursing service and help with medications needed to relieve pain and control symptoms. Hospice care from Acacia Health in Garden Grove CA is covered by Medicare, Medicaid, VA benefits, and most private insurers.

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If you have any questions about Acacia Health in Garden Grove CA, please reach out to us now. You can call us at 818-241-2200 or use the online contact form on our website.