Acacia Health in Laguna Hills CA

Acacia Health in Laguna Hills CA

Acacia Health in Laguna Hills CA

Looking for a trusted partner to care for your loved one in their own home? Trust Acacia Health in Laguna Hills CA.

Acacia Health in Laguna Hills CADoes one of your family members need more care than you can provide on your own at home? Are you worried they might have to go to an institution?

Here’s what you need to do:

Partner with Acacia Health in Laguna Hills CA

Acacia Health is a trusted provider of exceptional home health care services. We hold a 4.5 star quality rating from and we can pair you with the qualified caregivers needed to provide care right in your loved one’s home.

We Work With You to Meet Changing Needs

We have separate licensed services for home health and hospice care, which enables patients to rely on Acacia Health in Laguna Hills CA all the way through a terminal illness. For example, a patient may come to us for help managing a degenerative condition, which at first only requires home care but eventually requires hospice care. Working with one single company for all necessary services means better continuity of care and a better experience for patients.

We can provide:

Skilled Nursing: Our experienced registered and licensed vocational nurses work closely with patients’ doctors to administer necessary care at home. This includes wound care, cardiac and pulmonary care, medication management & education, and much more.

Home Care: We can assist with a variety of home care tasks that a patient’s relatives may not be able to handle on their own. This includes bathing, dressing, toileting, and more. All these home care tasks are handled by experienced Certified Home Health Aides.

Physical Therapy: Physical therapy isn’t just for recovering from some kind of injury or illness. It can also help prevent injury by helping patients to maintain their balance and mobility. In any case, our experienced therapists can help patients achieve their specific goals.

Palliative Care: Contrary to popular belief, palliative care isn’t just for the terminally ill. Anyone who is struggling with a life-threatening condition can benefit contacting Acacia Health in Laguna Hills CA for palliative care at any stage of their illness. In collaboration with the patient’s doctor, our expert staff will assess patient needs and then provide measures to help relieve pain and other distressing symptoms such as trouble breathing, fatigue, nausea, and depression. The goal is always to support the patient’s ability to live as actively as possible given their illness.

Hospice Care: Acacia Health is licensed to provide hospice care to individuals approaching the end of their lives. We offer continuous care in the home and 24-hour on call nursing care to assist with changing symptoms or emergencies, as well as assistance in organizing and administering medications. Partnering with Acacia Health in Laguna Hills CA also provides important benefits to family members as we offer bereavement services and assistance with memorial service preparation.

Learn More About Acacia Health in Laguna Hills CA

If you would like to learn more about working with Acacia Health in Laguna Hills CA to care for your loved one, please contact us at 818-241-2200.