Acacia Health in Placentia CA

Acacia Health in Placentia CA

Acacia Health in Placentia CA

Looking for a trusted partner to care for your loved one in their own home? Trust Acacia Health in Placentia CA.

Acacia Health in Placentia CADoes one of your family members need more care than you can provide on your own at home? Are you worried they might have to go to an institution?

Here’s what you need to do:

Partner with Acacia Health in Placentia CA

At Acacia Health, we provide exceptional home health care services to give patients and their families the utmost confidence in the quality of their care. has given us a 4.5 star quality rating, reflecting our ability to deliver timely care and improve patient outcomes.

We Work With You to Meet Changing Needs

We have separate licensed services for home health and hospice care, which enables patients to rely on Acacia Health in Placentia CA all the way through a terminal illness. For instance, a patient might start out very weak after a stroke or prolonged illness, but with daily nursing care they could recover to the point where they no longer need this assistance and perhaps only need occasional visits for home health monitoring. While working with totally separate companies for these services would be hassle and could result in delays or interruptions in care, working with Acacia Health ensures convenient, continuous care.

We can provide:

Skilled Nursing: In any home care setting, you need a skilled nurse to oversee care, ensure that the doctor’s instructions are followed, and note any changes that require adjustments to care or immediate hospitalization. You can rely on our experienced nurses to handle these tasks and provide skillful practical care.

Home Care: When individuals can’t attend to their own daily care needs, our Certified Home Health Aides can help. This assistance with tasks such as bathing, dressing, toileting, and grooming can be helpful to patients who are recovering from an injury or surgery as well as those who are in need of long-term assistance.

Physical Therapy: Whether the patient is recovering from surgery, injury, or illness, needs help reducing pain from certain movements, or simply wants to improve balance, mobility, and coordination to help prevent falls, our physical therapists can help with exercise plans personalized to the patient’s needs.

Palliative Care: Any patient who has been diagnosed with a life-threatening illness can benefit from palliative care from Acacia Health in Placentia CA. Working closely with the patient’s doctor, we will help design and implement a plan to help reduce pain and control unpleasant symptoms such as fatigue, nausea, breathing trouble, and depression. Our services are often used by individuals who are undergoing chemotherapy or suffering from congestive heart failure, COPD, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and other serious conditions.

Hospice Care: Terminally ill patients can receive expert nursing and compassionate attention at the end of their lives with hospice care from Acacia Health. We offer continuous care in the home and 24-hour on call nursing care to assist with changing symptoms or emergencies, as well as assistance in organizing and administering medications. Partnering with Acacia Health in Placentia CA also provides important benefits to family members as we offer bereavement services and assistance with memorial service preparation.

Learn More About Acacia Health in Placentia CA

For more information about the services available through Acacia Health in Placentia CA, please contact us by phone at 818-241-2200 or use our online contact form.